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Council for Mosques looks after the process of burial. This includes providing funeral services, helping with the burial of the body itself and liaising with the cemetery. This is all managed through a separate company which is overseen by Council for Mosques.

An Islamic funeral is considered a community event. It is a religious obligation on the community that at least some people should attend the funeral prayer. Muslims believe a funeral to be an important spiritual occasion. Everyone in attendance participates in group prayers, in which mourners pray that Allah will have mercy on not only the deceased but also on all deceased Muslims.

Islamic funerals are to help mourners cope with their grief but are also meant to offer hope for a good afterlife for the deceased. The funeral prayer itself is held usually in one of the local mosques after the which the family and friends of the deceased make their way to the cemetery for the burial.

The cemetery which we are currently using for burials is Scholemore Cemetery, located on Cemetery Road in Lidget Green, Bradford.

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