29 August 2020

We regret the government’s decision to lift restrictions in some of the more affluent wards in Bradford while retaining restrictions in the poorer, inner-city areas. The decision to carve the district into smaller neighbourhoods is unnecessarily divisive, impracticable and confusing. We suggest that lifting or retention of restrictions should be on a districtwide basis.

Bradford’s communities have stood side by side in the battle against this virus so to put barriers between communities now is particularly disappointing. We feel the government’s approach is ill-thought-out and will inevitably erode cohesiveness between communities and irreparably damage community relations, with inner-city residents understandably feeling targeted and isolated. Furthermore, it will provide an opportunity for troublemakers to stoke racist and Islamophobic sentiments.

We continue to urge our communities to adhere to Public Health England advice to defeat the virus.

CfM Executive Committee