In order to protect our patients, staff, volunteers and visitors, we have introduced new rules about the number of visitors who can enter our wards to visit an in-patient. THIS APPLIES TO ALL OUR VISITORS AND ALL OUR WARDS.

From Tuesday 17th March:

  • Only ONE VISITOR PER BED will be allowed on the hospital wards
  • Once the visitor has completed their visit, we cannot allow other visitors to “swap places.”  Instead, other family members or friends should arrange between them to make a separate visit at a different time
  • No children (anyone under the age of 18) are allowed to visit on the wards
  • Family, friends and other well-wishers should not gather in the hospital, as this increases the risk of infection
  • All visitors should follow good hygiene practice (wash their hands before and after visiting, use hand gels on the ward).   Please do not visit if you have flu-like symptoms or coughs, colds or high temperature.
  • There will be some areas of the hospital where patients are being kept in isolation, for their own wellbeing and to protect other patients and staff.  For these patients, we may not be able to allow any visitors at all, though we will try if at all possible to enable visiting

We do understand that these new rules may be hard to follow, and we know that many people want to attend hospital with other friends and family to show their respects, to pray and to offer their support.  However, coronavirus is a serious infectious disease and we must do everything we can to slow the spread of the disease.  This means reducing the number of people who gather in the hospital.  We will do our best to help anyone who wishes to communicate via an alternative method such as using their mobile phone/face time.

The hospital chaplaincy team will be available, on request, to support all faith, religious and spiritual requirements, including Christian and Muslim.  In putting these arrangements in place we have consulted community stakeholders including Bradford Council for Mosques and their advising scholar Mufti Zubair Butt.

Thank you for your support and understanding, and for helping to keep our hospital environment as safe as possible for all our patients, visitors and staff during this period.

Chief Executive