Council for Mosques Position Statement

Government decision to lift restrictions on private and individual prayers in places of worship.

We welcome the Government’s decision to partially lift the restrictions to allow private and individual prayers in places of worship. However, we feel that the decision does not go far enough in accommodating the religious requirements of the Muslim community.

The latest announcement does not allow for congregational prayers, yet this is the principal purpose for attending prayers in a Mosque.

As things stand, the Government’s decision will cause confusion and practical difficulties for Mosque management committees. From our point of view, the announcement is unhelpful as it fails to take into account how different faith communities conduct prayers.

The original indicated date, for the Government’s easing of restrictions in places of worship, was 4 July 2020. For some reason, the announcement has moved forward.

Council for Mosques is working with Bradford Council and Public Health England to support mosque management committees. We anticipate the Government to make a further announcement before or on 4 July to allow collective worship in Mosques with social distancing and other protective measures to prevent infection.

In the meantime, we advise our Mosques to remain closed for congregational prayers and religious gatherings to prevent the spread of infection and save lives.