The Government’s decision to further ease the COVID lockdown restrictions is welcomed, but we must tread forward cautiously as the second wave of the virus is being indicated.

Restrictions on public gatherings have been relaxed, but there is a great deal of confusion about how these may apply in practice. Council for Mosques is reviewing the latest guidance from the Government and will be issuing the appropriate advice to Mosques over the coming days.

Thus far Council for Mosques has been working diligently to Prepare Mosques for return to some level of normality on 4th of July. This work has involved supporting Mosques with risk assessment training and placing appropriate protective measures in place.

Praying at the Mosque is a unique spiritual experience and Muslims are eagerly looking forward to the proper opening of the Mosques. However, we must all keep in mind that the virus is still in circulation in our society, and all of us continue to be at risk. Therefore, we must not abandon care and caution as we move forward.

Council for Mosques (Bradford)