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  • What is the Council for Mosques?

    The Council for Mosques is a non-profit organisation working to develop a united platform, contributing to the needs and aspirations of the Muslim community in Bradford and society at large.

  • What is a mosque?

    A mosque is a place of worship in Islam. In reality, a Muslim can pray in his house, the park, on the side of the street or at work. However, a mosque or masjid in Arabic is a place that is specifically designated for prayer. It is an obligation of all adult males to pray the mid-day prayer on Friday in congregation at their local mosques, and it is highly recommended to pray the five daily prayers in congregation in the mosque. In Ramadan, it is also recommended to pray an evening prayer in congregation in the mosque.

    The mosque will have a mimbar which is the pulpit from which the Imam gives the sermon on Friday and the mihrab which points in the direction of Mecca. All Muslims should pray towards Mecca and so the mosques are oriented in the direction of Mecca. There are usually ablution spaces available as well so that congregants can wash themselves before prayer.

    In Bradford, there are over a hundred mosques. The majority of these are converted houses but there are now also some purpose-built mosques in Bradford.

  • What is a madrasa?

    A madrasa is a school for children. The Quran is the Word of God and it has been sent in the Arabic language. Therefore to read the Quran, one must know how to read in Arabic. Hence many children are sent to madrasas to learn how to read the Quran in Arabic. They will also be asked to memorise some of the shorter passages in the Quran.

    In Bradford, there are also some hifz schools which teach children on memorizing the Quran as a whole. Every year, several children or teenagers complete memorising the whole Quran in Bradford.

    Some madrasas also teach Islamic character as part of their curriculum. This will include topics such as how to eat, interact with one’s parents, learn from one’s teachers, keep the environment clean; essentially, how to be a good Muslim.

    In Bradford there are many madrasas which are now operating across the city.

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