Dear Prime Minister,

Council for Mosques Bradford (CfM) would like the government to reconsider the ban on daily synchronised individual prayers it has proposed as part of the national lockdown commencing 5th November.

Since COVID-19 outbreaks began, Mosques have demonstrated a rigorous and robust approach to preventative measures and proved themselves to be a safe indoor venue for people to gather.

In addition, Mosques act as valuable hubs for cascading and reinforcing the latest public health and guidance, something that’s incredibly important with the prevalence of general misinformation.

Furthermore, mosques are crucial in aiding the mental well being of their worshippers and provide reassurance in the face of apprehension.

CfM appreciates the government’s need and desire to restrict social contact to curtail the spread. However, the benefits of allowing daily prayers that do not last for more than 15 minutes and take place with adequate social distancing would far outweigh the minimal risk of spreading the virus.

Council for Mosques Executive Board