In view of the risks to life and wellbeing presented by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), CfM, after intense deliberations involving health professionals and senior Ulama and with much soul searching, painfully recommended the suspension of all forms of congregational prayers in the city’s Masjids, including Jumu’ah, other religious gatherings and group activities.

This unprecedented decision was taken to help prevent the spread of the potentially fatal COVID-19 virus and save lives. The decision was also in keeping with the measures stipulated by the government, Public Health England, our local NHS Trust and Bradford Council.

Last week, the government announced an extension to the restrictions on public gatherings along with other measures for a further three weeks at least.

CfM therefore strongly recommends that the city’s Masjids should continue to suspend all forms of congregational prayers including Tarawih and other religious gatherings and group activities until further notice.

CfM is well aware that this will come as a hugely disappointing step for our community and CfM very much shares in the pain. However, our Ulama remind us that this crisis is also an opportunity to enliven our homes with prayer and worship and invigorate our connection with our maker. The Holy month of Ramadhan is an ideal opportunity to do this.

Zulfiqar Karim
President, Council for Mosques